The packaging of a message has more impact than the message itself (Holladay & Coombs, 1994).

Humor seems to be a very efficient tool to influence attitudes and behavior (Strick et al. 2012). There are techniques to write comedy and learn how to be more charismatic (Antonakis et al., 2011).

This Comedycation course is intensive and combines an experience based and theoretical approach.

The goal of the course is to get scientifically based insights and applying them on your own story. One week later you can practice your ‘pimped out’story in front of an audience.

In short, a qualitative and hand on course in which you learn to take your audience along with your story.
You don’t need to prepare, just know which story, project or idea you want to improve telling.

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In one day you will learn to present your idea, project or story in a unique way. Michaël Van Damme gives concrete methods and techniques to write comedy en to be more charismatic.

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