If you seed play, you grow creativity & harvest innovation.
Play is of all time. Everybody did it as a child, everyone can do it as an adult. Every company should incorporate it into its philosophy. Because playfulness makes people richer, teams more efficient and companies more profitable. Playfulness is an attitude that can conquer burn-out and help you handle stress. It even helps entrepreneurs to win the war for talent.

In this first edition of the Power of Playfulness festival we want to introduce you in the world of playfulness and how it can stimulate you individually, as a team, in your organization, as a society to grow.

A good mix of talks, workshops and a game or 2 😉

The talks will be in English, the workshops in Dutch.

Voor wie?

  • For current & future entrepreneurs
  • For teamleaders
  • For professional consultants & organizational coaches
  • For HR people
  • For burn-out & stress prevention professionals
  • For people with a public responsibility (from parent, over teacher to policy makers)

Op het programma

12.30 Lunch (optional) & Welcome

13.30 Talks

    • An introduction in the power of playfulness — Hilde Van Dyck

Hilde will introduce you in the world of playfulness and how it can stimulate you individually, as a team, in your organization, as a society to grow.
We are in the middle of a transition from an informative to a creative economy. Playfulness will be the key characteristic of that new economy. We believe that companies that are only focused on customer experiences without investing in their staff, are at risk of creating an empathy gap. Hilde will walk you through the definition of ’the power of playfulness’ and provide hands-on examples to integrate it in your organization.

    • Who are the playful adults? Playfulness at work, in relationships, … , and life. — Dr. René Proyer

Dr. René Proyer will give an overview on what playfulness is in adults and highlight the importance of differentiating among its facets; namely, Other-directed, Lighthearted, Intellectual, and Whimsical. Playfulness is associated with a large number of positive outcomes (e.g., academic performance, stress coping, or innovativeness) and we will discuss how this may contribute to an individuals’ well-being. Current research on playfulness at the workplace will be presented. Practical applications will also be discussed.

  • You? Or someone you would like to see on this stage? — Open for suggestions. Mail your ideas to hilde@hoi.be

15.15 Coffee break

15.35u Workshops

    • Improvisation for beginners — Wim Janssens

Improvisation theater was designed to help actors solve problems on stage. In this super-condensed workshop, improvisation actor and stand-up comedian Wim Janssens demonstrates how to use improvisation to develop qualities of presence, acceptance, and trust which are very helpful for leadership and life in general. Wim shares some low-treshold games that you can play with your team members or coworkers to “practice spontaneity” and incorporate the improvisation mindset into your day2day life.

    • Workspace as a Garden. Playful Space. Playful Mind. — Lucia Adamickova

      Imagine sitting in beautiful lush garden, between banana plants, lemon trees and alluring flowers of hibiscus, inhaling fresh scent of fragrant orchids and simply enjoying being part of this living creation, while naturally relaxed and motivated to create. This can be easily atmosphere of your workspace. An influence of an environment around us on us is apparent. When designed in harmony, it is very beneficial in many aspects.
      Lucia will take you on journey through magic world of creative space making. The world where garden and its sweet wilderness can be an integral part of your balanced workspace. Once on journey she will tell about benefits of green workspace and its impact on your well-being, creativity and playfulness. Lucia will share an essence of the garden also during the workshop ‘Plant your Desires’ where she will encourage you to question your desires through her playful typology and send them a bit further.

    • Handson techniques to let flow your creativity — Hilde Van Dyck

How can creativity techniques help you solve a challenge? In this workshop you’ll learn by doing. We will take some challenges and use creative & playful techniques to stimulate our ability to solve problems. Be prepared to get your hands dirty 😉

  • Mindful moments — Jan Rauter

    During the plenary session we have learned that playfulness has quite some advantages. But being playful is not for everyone a automatic state. We can try to be(come) more playful but sometimes our heads are just too caught up in thought to playfully approach life or to confront our challenges in a playful way. During this workshop we will make some space for playfulness in our heads. Completely emptying our heads is no necessity (and not possible) but we will experience how our continued train of thought can slow down so space arises that we can fill in the way we please.

16.00u Exchange of Knowledge & energy between workshops

16.30u Network drink

17.30u End

Door wie?

This festival will be hosted by Paper Plane Pilots, which offers different levels of services (consecutively or separately) to add playfulness to organizations. Next to these services, they also organise open trainings, workshops and bite-size introductions to economic playfulness.


Dr. René Proyer

Dr. René Proyer is a senior teaching and research associate at the Division of Personality and Assessment at the University of Zurich. He has done research in various areas of assessment such as vocational interests, humor and laughter, reading comprehension, and character strengths. He has published widely (> 90 peer-reviewed publications) and is the first and co-author of several assessment instruments. Starting form his PhD thesis he was interested in research in objective
personality tests, but he has also developed questionnaires and performance tests.


Hilde Van Dyck

Hilde Van Dyck has a background in entrepreneuring, product development and innovation. She founded co-creation space House of Innovation, UX consulting firm Monkeyshot, retreat farm Farm Of Inspiration, Paper Plane Pilots and co-founded service design agency Peel. Her experiences nourished a deep interest in playfulness as an economically beneficial mechanism and led her to studying the neuroscience of play. All her initiatives are built upon the same beliefs: art, business, science and most of all people.


Wim Janssens

Wim is what they call a “slashy” nowadays. He combines his work as a User Experience expert with a broad interest in everything that involves humor. Following a series of improvisation workshops 3 years ago, Wim realised that his natural habitat was performing on stage and making people laugh. He has completely adopted the improvisation mindset and leaves no chances unused to spread his enthousiasm about it.


Lucia Adamickova

Lucia plays with the space to stimulate people to play. It is Lucia’s passion to constantly improve and play with the space we live in. She grew up surrounded by nature as her childhood house is situated within a landscape park. Lucia’s curiosity with nature brought her to a forestry high school and later toward landscape architecture. With this schooling, passion and creativity, she moved to Belgium to work for her favourite landscape designer, Mr. Jacques Wirtz. It was there that she worked on many large-scale developments in China, Singapore, and The United Kingdom. After this experience Lucia focuses on transforming unused urban sites into sort of sophisticated urban wilderness, functional and playful gardens to benefit preferably wider communities. She is currently working to re-green the city of Antwerp in Belgium, with the desire to cover in green as many grey places as possible.


Jans Rauter

As an entrepreneur and a coach, Jan combines the hard economic reality with the warm-heartedness that is required to stay in balance as a person. Responsibility and consciousness are key to him.


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